Waddle introduces new internal teams to combat online child endangerment

New safety measures to combat online child endangerment has been introduced by Waddle.

Waddle introduces new internal teams to combat online child endangerment

REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA ⁠— OCTOBER 23RD, 2022 ⁠— Waddle today has announced via Press Release that they are introducing new internal teams to combat online child exploitation and help secure the safety of children and teenagers on the internet.

"Safety, security, and privacy are all interconnected within Waddle, especially for our children and teenagers. Our number one primary focus is to ensure a safe platform for children and teenagers to roam free online without the fear of being targeted by malicious entities or groups that may do harm." states a representative of Waddle.

With the introduction of  new internal child protection teams, Waddle is also directly partnering with international and local law agencies to better serve its products and users by actively monitoring and reporting all instances of child exploitation, abuse, and harm against underage users. "When we have data suggesting that a user is engaging in illegal activity or violating our policies, we investigate their networks, activity within our platforms, and their messages to proactively detect accomplices and determine whether/which violations have occurred." continues a member of Waddle Public Relations.

Waddle regularly works with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (N.C.M.E.C.) to report high-harm issues regarding child safety.

Waddle is also introducing a new internal safety tool known as the C.M.T. (Child Moderation Tool) to regularly keep tabs with repeat offenders and sub-accounts that may be interacting or affiliated with accounts that are in question for abuse.

Users that been flagged for Child Safety & Endangerment breach will have their access disabled, however their data will persist within the network for ongoing investigations within local police and Waddle themselves. An e-mail letter will be dispatched to the offender to serve legal fiduciary duties.

Waddle is a proud member of the Technology Coalition.

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