Waddle introduces new Quarterly Transparency Reports

Waddle introduces brand new Transparency Reports that will be released quarterly.

Waddle introduces new Quarterly Transparency Reports

REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA ⁠— OCTOBER 25TH, 2022 ⁠— Waddle today has announced via Press Release the introduction of publicly available Press Reports that will be released quarterly via the Newsroom. (https://newsroom.waddlegames.com)

The next Quarterly Reports will be issued November 4th, 2022.

"Quarterly Transparency Reports allows us to report on our aggregated data revolving our continued dedication to take action against harmful individuals on our platform and community; with an emphasis in reporting data on action taken against infringing users to online child safety." states a member of Waddle Public Relations.

With the addition of the Quarterly Transparency Reports, Waddle has also introduced a new color palette to its brand, "Safety Blue" – Reflecting upon the importance of safety and security.

Safety Blue will be utilized in upcoming marketing campaigns and is the color that ties the campaign together, and serves as a constant reminder to Waddle's commitment to safety.

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Waddle continues to revolutionize the way children and teenagers can interact online in a safe and reliable way. In just under three months, Waddle's products and services garnered over twenty thousand active users across all platforms. Waddle creates sandboxes for all ages to interact and play together safely. People of all ages can come together in an inclusive, family friendly environment where they can explore, laugh, imagine, and create alone, or with others in a shared digital environment.

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