Waddle Reports Save The Music Initiative Results

Final results for the Save The Music Partnership

Waddle Reports Save The Music Initiative Results

REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA ⁠— SEPTEMBER 18, 2022 ⁠— Waddle today announced financial results for its 2022 partnership with Save The Music. Through the course of 7 days, Waddle was able to donate a donation amount of $1,473 USD to the Save The Music Foundation across 104 donors in various regions and countries around the world.

"Waddle and its surrounding communities' efforts to give back to the global community continues to remain strong as we look to do more than just bring entertainment for all ages. We want to be trail blazers and ignite our the tradition; and our culture of thinking of others before ourselves." said Waddle's Press Representative. "As an entertainment platform dedicating for kids and teens, we want to ensure that we are putting our foot down when it comes to a better future globally for the next generation."

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